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Kane Diep was born to Chinese-Vietnamese refugee parents and raised on carne asada fries and pho in sunny San Diego. He’s the only member of his 21 cousins to pursue the arts. After quitting his job at an aquarium, he began studying film at UC San Diego, brushing up on cantonese at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and managing a music venue where he developed a concert series showcasing popular Asian American musicians from YouTube. After college, he wrote and directed a LAAPFF Grand Jury nominated feature-length documentary UPLOADED: THE ASIAN AMERICAN MOVEMENT, about a generation of Asian Americans finding their voice on YouTube. He decided to take his own documentary’s message to heart and joined BuzzFeed, where he wrote and directed over 200 scripted and unscripted viral videos hitting over a billion views. His screenwriting education includes Script Anatomy, Second City, and UCB. He most recently wrote and directed a half-hour romantic drama I’M AFRAID OF BEING ALONE FOREVER as part of his scripted series THE MOMENT IT BECOMES… based on his 10 year relationship, collectively garnering over 10 million views.

Kane is currently speaking to young people across the nation and utilizing his data analytic expertise to help companies optimize their online content strategy.



I’ve made over 200 viral videos, garnering over a billion views on YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. My proudest work highlights the complexities of relationships with our families, society, and ourselves. Some examples include a video where I asked my Mom 11 Intimate Questions before it's too late, another where I gathered twenty-one Asian American video producers to recreate the iconic Vanity Fair Hollywood covers, and one where I faced one of my biggest insecurities by hiring a speech therapist to fix my boring voice.

My true superpower is my empathetic nature, which allows me to connect with audiences that span across cultural, gender, regional, and political lines. Paired alongside my obsession with data analytics, I can seamlessly adapt to new platform and algorithmic changes, staying true to my voice.


My passion for shining light on Asian American stories and talent began in 2009, while managing a music venue in college, I developed a concert series spanning 3 years that showcased 30 of the most popular Asian American singer-songwriters, called Luminance.



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After graduating in 2011, I wrote and directed a feature-length documentary called, Uploaded: The Asian American Movement, it told stories of a generation of Asian Americans finding their voice in film, dance, music, and comedy, through online platforms.

The documentary featured 60 interviews the most influential Asian American creatives in both traditional and digital media. The film was nominated for a Grand Jury Award at the LAAPFF and screened at universities across the U.S.





I’ve been invited to speak at universities and organizations across the nation about my personal journey and experiences in media as an Asian American and gay creator. I share how harness my identities, past experiences, and dedication to self-improvement towards a success trajectory. I tell real stories about wins, losses, insecurities, and pivotal moments in my life. I’m available for keynote speeches, panels, workshops, and Q&A sessions. If you’re interested in having me come speak to your organization, see details below!


Contact: kanediep@gmail.com

I’m available for speaking, consulting, and other business inquiries. Please email me with details about your request, along with your rate.


My next endeavor is television screenwriting. I’ve been continuing to hone my half-hour comedy and hour-long drama screenwriting sills at Second City, Script Anatomy, UCB, and iO West. I’m thrilled to explore how I can bring something new to this medium. I'm currently writing an hour-long drama pilot and a spec script for, Killing Eve.